Inventory Software developed by SOFTBIRD is a low cost complete business Inventory management software designed for Industrial Suppliers, Buyer, Dealers, Stockists, Distributors, Agents, Retailers, pharmacy etc. Inventory Software by SOFTBIRD supports complete Stores Inventory and stock Management, Multiple Warehouse Management, Invoice, Purchase Order and other formats Printing and Order Processing for Purchase as well as Sales.

It has many special features like Bar Code scanning and can print Bar Code labels, Invoicing, Stock Report, which you can stick on products to get exact inventory present at all shop locations. It is a Multi User role software along with high security system. You can create users assign them rights and manage their user accounts.

The general term of inventory software can encompass additional aspects of a company’s operations including warehouse management Software, supply chain management and operations management in tracking products as they move from vendors to warehouses, between warehouses, and finally to retail locations or directly to customers.

Inventory Software Smart Feature

Stock manage
Product add & Manage
Supplier Add & Manage
Customer add & Manage
Credit Management
Add & Manage Invoices
Q-R code render
Bar code render
Purchase Report
Product Purchase
Sales Report
Product Return

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